Santa’s Grotto

Santa's Grotto 2023

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Booking tips

Please read all the information carefully before booking.

Tickets usually sell out very quickly, if you know in advance the date and time you would like to visit before tickets go live this will help speed up your booking, have a plan B in case your first choice has sold out.

Grotto dates & Opening times

November 25th & 26th, December 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd & 23rd

Time slots – 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Each time slot has 6 child tickets available. If there are no child tickets (and just adult tickets), it means that time slot is sold out.

EVERY person attending needs a ticket. Each child will walk through our magical Grotto, meet Santa in his lounge and receive a gift. There will also be Grotto games to complete. Our Grotto is located within our Shopping Village. (Grotto tickets do not include entry into the Petting Farm) if you wish to visit the Petting Farm you can book via this link book-petting-farm-entrance

Please triple check your booking before payment as there will be lots of dates and times on the system, so it can get confusing! All bookings are non transferable and non refundable

Having tickets in your basket does not guarantee they are yours until you have paid for them.

Ticket Prices

Child £16.99 – Adults £2.50 – (under 6 months free with a paying sibling, but will receive no gift – you will need to purchase a Child ticket for any children under 6 months without a paying sibling)

There are lots of SCAMMERS out there, they will be commenting on every post of ours trying to sell tickets. DO NOT buy from them!

The last couple of years we have sold out in minutes which is incredible, however we know that it can be disappointing if you can not get tickets, please remember to just be kind.

We accept no responsibility for fraudulent purchases. Please be mindful of scammers as we have had already had scammers trying to sell tickets even though they have not been released yet.

 If you have any booking queries please email us at


Santa's Grotto frequently asked questions

Where is your Santa’s Grotto?

Our Grotto is located in the Shopping Village.

 It is not inside the Petting Farm, therefore these Grotto tickets do not include Petting Farm entry. 

If you would like to combine a visit to the Farm with your Grotto visit, then you will need to book Petting Farm tickets separately via We advise booking these early to avoid disappointment as numbers are restricted.

Do we need to print our booking confirmation?

No, please just have your booking reference handy when you arrive.

Do I have to book a time slot to visit the Grotto?

Yes, you will need to select a date and time slot. We have a restricted number of children allowed per each time slot. 

Please double check your time slot, booking date and personal details before making payment.

 We have a large amount of dates and times available so it is easy to select the wrong dates whilst scrolling down the list.

What happens if I am running late for my slot?

If you are late for your allocated time or cannot make you session, unfortunately we cannot offer a refund.

My time slot is for 15 minutes, is that how long my booking will be?

The time slot allows for a certain number of children to arrive and enter the Grotto and then go in to visit Santa. Although you have a time slot, you still may have a small queue to wait in as we are unable to provide exact times for each customer. This allows the time spent looking at the Grotto scenes, taking part in the Grotto games and the time spent with Santa to be a little bit more flexible. We ask that you arrive at the Grotto 5 minutes before your booking time slot with your reference number handy. (Please do not arrive any earlier than this as you will not be allowed to join the queue). If you do not arrive at your booking time, you may not be able to visit Santa, please make sure you arrive promptly.

Do adults and babies also need tickets?

Every person attending the Grotto must have a ticket to allow us to control customer numbers. 

Each adult attending must have a ticket (£2.50 per person).

 Babies under 6 months are free with a PAYING SIBLING but will not receive a gift. 

Babies over 6 months old and babies under 6 months without a paying sibling will need a child ticket to enter the grotto.


Can I get a refund or make a change to my booking?

Unfortunately our tickets for Santa’s Grotto are NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE to another time or date, so please make sure you are certain you are able to attend before booking your time slot. You can resell your ticket privately to a 3rd party, however you must notify us of any ticket resales.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via Email at



Can we take our own photos?

Yes, please remember your cameras/phones to take you own photos. You will have the opportunity to purchase our photos on the day, from the photo booth just outside of the Grotto.

Can we bring our pushchair inside the Grotto?

Yes, single prams can be walked round the Grotto, however double buggies are too large and should be left outside of the Grotto.


Is the Grotto wheelchair accessible?

Yes the Grotto has a hard floor, 1.2 m + wide most of the way through, there are just 2 normal pedestrian doors to go through into Santa’s lounge.

What happens if the Grotto has to close?

We  will provide a refund if the Grotto has to CLOSE due to exceptional circumstances.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via Email at